Yusuke Yamamoto Silversmith
  • Rhythm of Prism Bangle Hammer-raised, chased and engraved silver 925 and nunome inlay 24ct gold foil

  • Sweet Squama 2 pin made for the Scottish Gallery's 175th anniversary W 3cm D 2.7cm H 0.5cm Chased, engraved silver958 and nunome inlay 24ct gold foil

  • Soughing Wood Bangle W6.5cm H6cmD5.5cm Chased silver950

  • Sweet Squama Bangle W6.5cm H5cmD5.5cm Chased silver950 and nunome inlay with 24 ct gold foil

  • Chased star ornament W6cm H0.5cm D6cm Chased Fine silver999